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Summer Withdrawal and Transfer Forms

Summer Withdrawal and Transfer

Complete one of the following forms for Summer Withdrawals and Transfers.
Click Submit to complete the process.
Your submitted form will create an entry in the database for review and updating of Inow and InfoSnap.

Notice of Summer Transfer of a Student
Transfer of DCS student from one DCS school to another DCS school    https://forms.gle/niEhARJcyEeu1fHr6

Notice of Summer Withdrawal of a Student
Withdrawal of a DCS student leaving DCS     https://forms.gle/rHA5QHWuvsK5KZEH6

New Employee Information for DCS User Account and Email Address

Welcome to Decatur City Schools!

Good News from Our Schools!

Please send "good news" about happenings in your school! These can be events that have already happened or events that are scheduled. Once you click "submit," all "good news" will be reported and sent at one time to Dr. Michael Douglas, Mrs. Emily Elam, Mrs. Jennifer Springer, and the ADT Team.

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