Educator Effectiveness System

Decatur City Schools

Educator Effectiveness System

The Decatur City Schools’ Educator Effectiveness System was developed by educators for educators within an established framework provided by the Alabama State Department of Education.  The Educator Effectiveness System is an outgrowth of PLAN 2020 which is a strategic plan for education in Alabama with a goal of preparing all students to be successful in college and/or career upon graduation from high school.  As a result, educational practitioners should ensure the following:

  1. Every child is taught by a well-prepared, resourced, supported and effective teacher.
  2. Develop and implement a professional growth evaluation system for teachers and leaders that includes multiple measures of student growth and achievement.

It is because of the above-mentioned tenets from PLAN 2020 that representatives in the Decatur City School System, which consisted of approximately 50 teachers, administrators and supervisors, embarked upon the journey of establishing an Educator Effectiveness System.  The overall intent of the evaluation system is to extend, enhance, and enrich the professional growth and development of educators as guided by our core beliefs:

“Effective teachers consistently foster positive relationships with all stakeholders. They promote a supportive learning environment, model empathy, and embrace diversity while providing culturally relevant instruction. They facilitate individual student growth through strategic, data-driven instruction and learning supports, which empower students to become life-long learners. Effective teachers practice self-reflection, collaborate with colleagues, and pursue professional development to improve teaching and learning.”

The Educator Effectiveness System is designed to be an integral part of helping educators to “grow” professionally.  Educators should fully implement the evaluation system with the mindset of improving instructional practice and student achievement.

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