Mandatory Reporting/Erin's Law/Suicide Prevention

All annual trainings' sign-up sheets should be documented/uploaded to nSide/Virtual Alabama.


1.  PDF of Reporting form for DHR - Child Abuse Form 1593 (1)

2.  Yearly Training:

      *  All teachers/staff in their initial year within DCS are required to complete the latest version of the DHR Child Abuse Mandated Reporters

          Training  -   1st time users follow the following link: and create an account.  If you already have an account, follow the link and "Log in" on the right side of the website.

      *  Annual Follow-Up Training to be completed/documented via faculty meeting (certified, classified and volunteer) - Training

3.   Terms often associated with Mandatory Reporting - Terms


DHR Contact List


Erin's Law & Sexual Abuse Exploitation

1.  Annual training for certified staff related to sexual abuse prevention to be completed/documented via faculty meeting

      * Training

2.  DCS follows the Parents and Children Together (PACT) comprehensive models as related to Sexual Abuse prevention awareness for students


Annual Suicide Awareness & Prevention: Jason-Flatt Act

        * Training